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Jackson Pollock Artist Box

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For Jackson Pollock, making art meant expressing his feelings and inner "states of being" through an improvisational approach that required total concentration and physical engagement with his materials. Though at times controversial, his innovative paintings influenced the course of modern art. They now hang in museums around the world, and his work continues to inspire people in all walks of life.

The Jackson Pollock Box: Energy and Imagination provides a unique opportunity to get in touch with your own creative process by using some of the techniques Pollock mastered-and at the same time gain an intimate understanding of his work.

Inside, you'll find an authoritative book about the artist and his art-every page lavishly illustrated with color plates of his most famous works and rarely seen photos.

Using the enclosed materials-including liquid paints, paper, and canvases, and more-you'll also be guided step by step through the creation of five imaginative projects. Express yourself by experimenting with Pollock's approach and methods to invent your own original works of art.

Materials / Sizes

  • 96 pages
  • 6 liquid paints: white, grey, black, yellow, red, and blue
  • 1 brush
  • 1 rolled canvas



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