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Double Happiness Angel by X+Q Art

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These rainbow angels created by the Qu Guangci are fusions of Eastern and Western culture. They wear the wings of Western angels but have the faces of oriental. The artist also gives the angel different looks of man and woman, and names them based on the old Chinese wisdom: Rainbow comes in two shades, the bright one as the male called Hong, and the gentle one as the female called Ni. Hence the artist named the male angels Hong, with the strong and bright colors, they bring hope and vitality; correspondingly, the females angels are named Ni, their soft and sweet colors are originated from the artist’s memory of the ice creams during his trip to Italy. They are angels of loveliness, bringing comforts and joys.

Materials / Sizes

  • 8.84" height x 4.75" width
  • Colored fibreglass (Varnish)



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