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The Guggenheim Forum Reader
The Guggenheim Forum Reader
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The Guggenheim Reader Series:  Modern Asian Art
The Guggenheim Forum Reader
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Edited by Domenick Ammirati
Published in 2013

Art has a way of raising questions. Since 2009 the Guggenheim Forum has pondered how themes from art affect life outside the museum’s walls: What is the role of spirituality in contemporary life? What is reality in the virtual era? And what’s in a name? By bringing together writers, scientists, artists and other experts from diverse fields, the Guggenheim Forum examines complex topics from all points of view, stimulating a lively dialogue among panelists. This volume gathers nine conversations from the Forum’s first four years. Participants include NPR’s Krista Tippet, designer Ellen Lupton, artist Martha Rosler, author Douglas Hofstadter and novelist Francisco Goldman.

“The Spiritual (Re)turn” Featuring Krista Tippet, Huma Bhabha, Louis A. Ruprecht Jr., and Mark C. Taylor

“Between the Over and Under-Designed” Featuring Aric Chen, Sarah Herda, Arjo Klamer, and Ellen Lupton

“Beyond Material Worth” Featuring Peter G. Brown, Martha Buskirk, Juliet Schor, and Simran Sethi

“On Repeat” Featuring Simon During, Drew Daniel, John Malpede, and Amy Taubin

“Satire, Critique, Provocation, Propaganda” Featuring Julian Stallabrass, Francisco Goldman, Jennie Hirsh, and Martha Rosler

“Word for Word” Featuring Robert Lane Greene, N. Katherine Hayles, Anthony Pym, and Biljana Scott

“Get Real” Featuring Alison Goddard, Elizabeth Grosz, Ian Hacking, and Douglas Hofstadter

“The Name Game” Featuring Mark Abley, Robert Jones, Frank Nuessel, and Ben Zimmer

“The Greater Good” Featuring Lynne Soraya, Meghan Falvey, G. Anthony Gorry, and Peggy Mason

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